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Don't Bite Records - An independent label for Tom Dice music
The Phantom is older than you think, both figuratively and literally. His debut on vinyl was on "It's my mike" by the funky force 2 back in 1987 on Amanda Records. In 1988 he recorded as part of the group The Force and recorded "the mission" with the producer Powercut. He is probably best known for being one of the main MC'S in cult group Dynametrix, who released an EP in 1991 and an LP in 1994 called "A measure of force" on Kold Sweat Records. He also appeared on three tracks on the Unsung Heroes LP" Unleashed" as well as appearing with Tom Dice on "Thug Killer".
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This 9 track LP begins with" I'm Blazin'" a black exploitation soundscape, which upon close listening has a looped dialect in the background. A creative envelope pusher! The tales of the crypt are brought to life on the dark foreboding menace of "walking nightmare" whilst The Phantom patents a back and forth, new style, on "Missile in Reverse". This lyric was first debuted on the 279 rap show when he appeared alongside his friend, Principal Mark of the Prime Rhyme Masters in 1993. On "2, 1 2, 1" The Phantom is joined by Tom Dice on some freestyle telepathy tip that could never have been pre-written. This was found on a DAT session from 1997 where 1 mike was passed back and forth.
From a live battle victory against Uncle B nice in the iconic club Dingwalls, to an underground dispute with the famous Hijack, The Phantom always holds his own. It would be a mistake, however, to confuse his lyrical ferocity for physical violence: hence the title "The Art of Fighting without Fighting" as quoted by Bruce Lee; a reminder that hip-hop can offer us opportunities away from violence and predictable stereotype: To fight without fighting!
Listen to: I'm Blazin'

Listen to: Missile in Reverse
There will only be 250 of these LP's made available of which 60 will be promo. So get them fast!! This will be the first LP on Don't Bite Records.
Listen to: Fighting Without Fighting
Listen to: Underground to Underground
Listen to: Don't Forget

Listen to: Walking Nightmare
Listen to: Afterlife
Listen to: Sniffin MC's
Listen to: Two one.Two one
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